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 Rules Thread

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PostSubject: Rules Thread   Rules Thread Icon_minitimeSat Aug 21, 2010 9:10 pm

Hey guys, most people get confused about the rules, and they even confuse me sometimes. Though the rules for the actual game (when its made), the blog, and the forums will differ a little, this will give you everything you need to know for the forums. (Ban system coming soon)

SPAM is not allowed

Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages are posts that have little or no relevance to the thread. Members are not allowed to create posts containing SPAM, devoid of content, or pointless and invaluable text.
As for the Free Forums, you may post content (within the other rules' limits) of your choice, however, if the comment is devoid of purpose, it will still be considered SPAM.

Posts must have 25 characters and 5 words
All posts must have 5 words and 25 characters. There is no stupid characters or filler text aloud to bypass this rule. Certain threads, such as any thread on the Free Forums, do bypass this rule, however.

Double, or consecutive, posting is prohibited
On all threads but those that allow it, no double, or consecutive, posting is not allowed. Double posting is where there are two or more posts in a row by the same user. If you have an extra thought to add, and you are the latest poster on the thread, edit your post and add in your thought or response.
Although threads on the Free Forums do allow double posting, they do not allow more than 3 consecutive posts.

A thread can only be "revived" within a month
A thread that has gone 30 days without a post may not be posted in. The only exception is on an official thread in an official forum, though the threads are usually closed. To revive a topic, create a new thread.

Everyone is to be respectful and respect other users
Do not insult, discourage, bash, or flame any other users. If someone harasses or insults you, it does not license you to mirror their actions. Do not use offensive language—even if its not profanity—such as "gay" in a derogatory manor. Do not press upon a user's religious beliefs. If you are having a problem with another user, simply contact a Moderator stating the situation.

Inappropriate sexual language is disallowed
Nowhere are you allowed to use sexual language or any sexual content at all (even those no considered pornography). You must not even make hints regarding *** and especially to another user. It is disallowed in all forms and in all places (signature, visitor message, private message, post). If you are caught, you will instantly be severely and most likely permanently banned.

Swearing and censor bypass is not allowed
Never in any circumstance are you allowed to swear; going with that, most known profanity is already blocked. Censor bypass—censoring a part of a swear word so that it isn't blocked out but the original word is implied—is also disallowed.

Advertising other forums, websites, blogs ect. is not permitted
There is no advertising on the forums—not in posts, visitor messages, or private messages—none of it's permitted. The only place where advertising is allowed is in your signature. If you join and then send a private message to another user, you can be banned with the thought that you joined the forums to advertise your own forums or another site, blog, YouTube channel ect. If we find advertisement, we will delete all visitor messages, private messages, and posts containing these links. Advertise is considered the following: using links and/or persuasive language to try to get someone to visit your blog, site, forums ect. The only links that are allowed are of ones that link to other locations on these forums or another (official) Penguin Generation site. For pictures and video, please insert them into the post rather than linking to them.
The only exception to a link of an external site besides another (official) Penguin Generation site is in the rule below (giving credit).

Theft of content is disallowed
Posting content that does not belong to you and claiming it as your own is not allowed. If you use something that belongs to someone else, unless they give you permission to use it without credit, you must give as much credit as possible including name and blog/site ect. Links for these purposes are not considered advertising.

Asking for a higher rank than is your current rank or entry into closed/off-limits groups is strictly prohibited
You may not ask to be given a higher ranking status or acceptance into a closed or off-limits group. This makes the Moderators very, very angry, which is the unfortunate case for you. The only way to gain a higher ranking or entry into an off-limits forum is to earn it the proper way—any other way will fail and only make life more difficult on your part.
Specifically, asking for Moderator or Administrator status is worse, which results in faster, longer, and harsher bans.

Pornography must not be submitted anywhere on the forums
Nowhere on the forums may a link to or images of pornography be submitted. This will lead to an immediate, indefinite, everlasting ban—regardless of the user's status—even Administrator.

Don't question any bans that we issue or about another member's ban
Bans to members are kept between Moderator and the member. Unless information is answered by a Moderator, you should not ask about it. Don't question bans that we issue to members and you may not invite friends to rally your ban, which will result in an extended ban for you and a warning/ban (depended on the amount of times the offense is committed) for your friends.

You are not allowed to make an account to make the illusion that you are more than one person
Known as "sock puppetry," you may not use another account to vote on a poll, back up an argument, mislead other members, or evade a ban. This does not prohibit you from having multiple accounts for either you or your family—it is using another account pretending to be someone else (or just not yourself) is what is disallowed.
Evasion of a ban is the worst form of this and will result in the ban time doubled and/or the timer being reset.

Thread tags must be relevant
Tags are meant to be a system of organizing threads by topic. People who give pointless, irrelevant, or inappropriate tags to threads may face consequences. What is certain is that the thread will be removed. No tags at all are better than tags that don't make sense.
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Rules Thread
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